Weedo, a German-based company, with a focus on sustainability, WeeDo Funwear produces imaginative, practical and environmentally friendly outdoor clothing for children that fits to small adventures and large expeditions and invites children into the colorful world of mythical creatures, animals and monsters.

The colourful WeeDoniversum offers ski and snowboard outfits, softshell suits, jackets and trousers and, since 2022, a rainwear collection, especially for cycling and hiking for joyful explorers as well as a reversible fleece collection. The products are made of recycled plastic bottles and PFC-free and water-repellent fabrics. Sustainable, high-quality, breathable, adjustable in size, 100%waterproof. Goodbye boredom, bye bye weather forecast.

WeeDo catalogs 2024-2025 season:

ski and snowboard outfits

reversible fleece collection

rain and sportswear